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Good luck to everybody!, especially the project managers! It looks like I am finally able to solve my financial problems! Hurray, I am shocked! I collected 800 $ for three days, but I could not recruit referrals. Decided to buy them on the exchange, transferred money, and after 3 minutes they were already in my account!!!In 5 minutes, a message about the receipt of money on the card came!!! Great efficiency! Happiness to all, good luck and health!
2024-07-20 19:05:44
Thank you for your feedback and good luck every day

Kumara Swami',Ram Medisetti'
Hello. I withdrew money to Paypal for about 5 times, on average 2000 $-3000 $. But I was frightened by the rumors that I have to pay taxes. Is this true? And what will happen if I would not pay?
2024-07-20 20:58:13
Yes, that's right. The individual must pay an income tax at a rate of 13% of all incomes. You can register as an individual entrepreneur and pay taxes by the simplified scheme

Kumara Swami',Ram Medisetti'
Thank you, I have already recommended the website to my best friends, they are now watching ads every day to make money, we don’t have to worry about not making money now
2024-07-19 22:18:29
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Thanks to the admins for prompt solution of my issue with an additional payment for Paypal)))
2024-07-19 21:12:25
We are always ready to help!

Sruthi Reddy
Hello. Please, tell me how long does it take to transfer money from Money4Click to the credit card? Today, I received 2500 $. I ordered a bank transfer and wanted to know how long I should wait.
2024-07-19 08:57:04
The transfer of money from Money4Click to a bank account takes from 1 to 3 working days.

Sara S
Hay! I'm getting to work! Wish me good luck
2024-07-19 07:05:49
Good day! We wish you good luck and success in your work!

Kosuri Madhu
Hello! I need your advise, what is the best way to withdraw the amount of 2000 $-3000 $ per month? PayPal demanded to pass identification after 3 transfers and send document scans. Maybe, cc is a better option?
2024-07-18 01:14:54
Hello! There is no big difference. Pass identification in PayPal. It takes not too much time but gives more opportunities to withdraw money. By the way, we can consult you if necessary.

Today I bought an iphone14 with the money I earned, I am so happy.
2024-07-17 19:40:56
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